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The Fool

Traditionally The Fool does not carry a number although some Tarots gives him the zero figure.

The Fool, carefree, follows his way. A lynx follows him or pushes him trying to take one piece of flesh in the bare thigh of the character which seems to pay it no attention.

It seems that this individual was broken. Watch the position of his head relative to his trunk.

Directed by irrational impulses, the character has left behind the material side and his ambitions, to follow his path. Owner of a single luggage, The Fool carries this one in a strange way

Free from all conditioning, he's the one that goes against the grain. Would this man be a simple fool or his madness hides his wisdom ?

The message of The Fool tell us that it is necessary to be afraid by nothing, to dare to forge ahead without worrying if we go against generally accepted ideas by the beacons of our education and our society..

Put back your meter to zero

Wisdom or madness, everything is a question of point of view.

Tarot Major Arcana The Fool


Meanings :

The Fool, without reference encrypted, is outside of any reference. It is the unforeseen, the genius, the madness, unpredictable events.

Being the most mysterious arcana, only the cards which surrounds it can give an idea of its meaning.

"When we believe to dry one subject, it's time to start all over again."

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XX : Judgement

XXI : The World

??? : The Fool

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