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Strentgh ( XI )

A woman tames a lion, holding his mouth open.

Her face, despite the intensity of the action, remains calm and serene. She does not even seem to force, she dominates with sweetness and finesse the instincts of The Beast.

The force expressed here is a flexible force. The rigid wand will break, the flexible wand will bend but not break.

The water, although its liquid state, gets through the hardest rock thanks to its erosive action. Yet water offers no resistance and takes the shape of its container.

The alchemist transforms raw materials into gold.

Stifling our instincts is nonsense, it is better to channel and use them to reach our true potential.

Tarot Major Arcana Strength

Meanings :

The force is on your side, dominated event with delicacy, energy.

"Facing the wind, the oak has broken, reed has bent as far as he could but it hasn't broken."

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XX : Judgement

XXI : The World

??? : The Fool

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