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Death ( XIII )

This card does not have a name. This card is called "Death" orally but in order to tell the whole truth nobody can name it. Indeed, who can say what death is ? Does anyone have ever seen the world without his body ?
Because it keeps away from all possible definitions , no one can name it.

Death changes the setting, it separates the being of his five senses. The body forms the basis the personality of an individual, death frees such structure and fixations with the tangible world.

A life after death ?

The skeleton, drawn on the card, has a spine like a spike of wheat and the last cervical vertebrae looks like a flower. is this a promise of a new condition ?

Carte du Tarot de Marseille le 13 ou l'Arcane sans nom


Meanings :

Death is a sign of transformation. The caterpillar dies and gives way to the butterfly.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

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