Learning Tarot Major Arcana Temperance


Temperance ( XIIII )

The number fourteen symbolizes a new cycle a new step.

The winged character on the card decants water from a blue jug into a jug red. But is it really water ? Considering the position, the water should fall to the ground.

In reality, there is a spiritual or ethereal world as reported by the wings of the character. We can suppose that the water is pure energy. But what kind of energy ?


The actor of this card balances the energy with instinct or action with reflection or feelings.


Tarot Major Arcana Temperance


Meanings :

Temperance announces inner mutation, the balance between masculine and feminine, regeneration, communication, patience and serenity.

"Patience is the best buckler against affronts."


"By time and toil we sever what strength and rage could never."

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