Learning Tarot Major Arcana The Devil


The Devil ( XV )

The wings of bats shows us that the Prince of Darkness reigns over the world by fear, be frightened by him assures his victory.

The faun and the faunesse, seeming to accomoder of their position, are attached to its altar because of their fears and of their selfish feelings. Note the color of their headgear.

The feet of the Devil resting on the flesh color, informs us that this one acts on the material of which he is the Prince. The two other characters standing on a black ground undergo material.

On a spiritual level, his white sword with no guard, shows us that his actions are just and necessary. Quite as his helmet of golden color and his right hand opened in friendly sign informs us that he also answers the orders of the Almighty God.

"You'd better be able to control your fears and instincts to overcome the illusions of the devil and not become his slave."

Attractive attributes

Androgynous character, because he represents the humanity with her lowest instincts, his attributes : Sex, Money and Power, have aroused many wars and conflicts, many human being always ready to satisfy their ego to the detriment of others human...

Tarot Major Arcana The Devil


Meanings :

Magnetism, sex, the instincts, passion, occult power, money, a treasure..

"This is an important card, it's better to have it on one's side than against."

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