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The Tower ( XVI )

A flesh color tower is drawn. A kind of red and gold lightning breaks the summit of it. At the bottom of the tower, two characters seem to play to walk on hands unless the second picks up something or does a reverence.

This card is in analogy with the destruction of the tower of Babel. Men full of vanities wanted to challenge God by building a tower capable of reaching the Sky.

The man who thinks he is God and wants to rule the world come to ruin. Life is full of teachings. Some retain their lesson others do not.

Do not lose your head, remain humble and not want to be too hasty, this is the message of The Tower if you do not want to suffer a disaster and not be forced to start from zero.

Understand the vanity of things

As much the social position of an individual is high, as much he must realize the vanity of material things.

Tarot Major Arcana The Tower


Meanings :

Disaster, destruction positive or negative depending on its place in the game, back to zeroo.

"Everybody was born naked, but in our death we all leave with nothing ! ! ! "

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