Learning Tarot Major Arcana The Star


The Star ( XVII )

A naked woman with two red jugs pours water into a lake. We can see that one jug pours his water on the ground where the liquid will disappear and be absorbed

A black hoopoe is perched on a bush, it represents the transformation of the raw material in more ethereal material, by the research.

The sky is filled with eight stars, number and symbol of infinity.

The nudity of the character reveals us that the Truth must be naked. The universe is governs by the love of the pure spirit and the perfection ( the yellow and red star).

A Light in the darkness

The star reminds us that you should never lose hope, because even in the darkest periods of a life, somewhere there is always a light source ready to guide us.

Tarot Major Arcana The Star


Meanings :

The Star picks up the man of his fall, the one who got lost.

A guide, recovering from a fall, a favorable moment, protection.

"There is always a light which shines in the darkness."

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