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The Moon ( XVIII )

We can see an area of water at the bottom of which a crayfish lives. Two towers are drawn on the highly-rated of the card, one having openings and the other one does not possess. Two dogs howl under the moon and try to drink water drops which rising towards the sky.

The crayfish, eating excrement, cleans the water. Water is becoming increasingly clear, the opaque mirror of the unconscious becomes slowly clearer.

The drops are the snippets of messages which pass from the unconscious to the conscious. The fearful dogs, which bark to feel reassured and drink drops, represent the unconscious fears which are accommodated at the bottom of every individual and which prevent him from seeing The Reality.

The Moon is the mother who hosts the reservoir of the feelings which the human being does not control. The conscious satisfy itself with the drops which were able to gone back up to it.

Cultivate serenity

It is necessary to calm the water of the lake to be able to contemplate completely the image of The Full moon on the surface of this one.

Tarot Major Arcana The Moon


Meanings :

The home, the unconscious, the mother, the wife. receptive state, imagination.

"All cats are grey in the dark ..."

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