Learning Tarot Major Arcana The Sun


The Sun ( XVIIII )

Celestial body of Love and perfect Harmony, the sun shines over both characters dressed only by a blue loincloth.

A wall of bricks of golden and red color is behind them. The light floods the card of droplets which sprays the actors.
The moon succeeds to the sun allowing to see objects under their truth appearance.

Now it is possible to distinguish the truth of the forgery, what allows to move forward on the good way.

Be careful anyway, Icarus for being too close to the sun, has burned his wings.

Find your own Way

Reached to this point the initiate realizes that he must not expect change from the other but that he must transform himself.

Tarot Major Arcana The Sun


Meanings :

Illumination, the father, warmth, love, friendships, happiness.

"As everywhere else the caution is rigorous."

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