Learning Tarot Major Arcana The World


The World ( XXI )

In every corner of the card, we can notice an angel, an eagle, a horse and a lion.

In the center is represented a character standing on an yellow ground and holding a wand. A laurel wreath of oval shape surrounds the character (male or female ?) almost stripped.

The garland of oval shape calling back that of the almond, symbol of the marriage and unity of the four elements, Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Respectively : the angel of St. Matthew, Luke's bull, the eagle of Jeans and Marc's lion.

By analogy, it is also the four minors arcana : Cups and Coins, Swords and Wands.

This indicates the synthesis of all knowledge. The character, standing on a yellow ground, strengthens this idea of domination of the Spirit over the material.

The wand is reminiscent of the Magician's wand, but here the character holds it with confidence.

One culmination ?

Notice the flesh-colored pages behind the head of the androgyne, it indicates that this one was not simply freed but that he has been freed from the pages of the book of his own fate.

Tarot Major Arcana The World


Meanings :

It is the most beneficial card of the tarot. During the time when this card is favorable any action will be successful.

Travel, success, divine protection, fame.

" The end of a journey ? "

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