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The high Priestess ( II )

We can see here a woman wearing a blue coat over and a red dress below.

Blue indicates this woman is receptive to the outside world but inside her, the thoughts are analyzed actively, she looks beyond from the veil of appearances.

This Arcanum calls us to an internalizing within our own psyches in order to find the answers to our questions.

The harmony between the rational mind (male) and the intuitive mind (female) must be created : To express itself, The Light needs Darkness.

We can still compare this card with V.·.I.·.T.·.R.·.I.·.O.·.L (Visita Interioram Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem) dear to our alchemists friends.

Choose to take the time to watch!

The High Priestess holds a flesh colored book on her lap. Is it really a book ? She does not seem to read it. See the yellow ribbon linking the book to her heart. What does this mean ?


High Priestess Major Arcana


Meanings :

Intuition, introspection, initiation, hidden(s) thing(s) , a mature woman rather old.

"Magician, Visit the Inside of the Earth and by Rectifying you will find the Hidden Stone."

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