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The Empress ( III )

The wings, symbols of the air, shows us that the Empress displayed a great understanding by the vivacity of her ideas and her thoughts.

The scepter and the shield, two power emblems, show us that the Empress has reached a level of self control allowing it to rise above the purely tangible world.
Serene, she dominates effortlessly thanks to the perfection of her knowledge.

As well, the twelve points of her crown shows us that she has done the complete circle around the zodiac, she may well reap the fruits of her experience.

Know thyself :

As in the case of the High Priestess, the Empress calls us to notice that within us lies the seeds of Knowledge. Socrates recommended self-knowledge.

Major Arcana The Empress


Meanings :

The Empress by her female essence is receptive and fertile. She is also the creative intelligence, the prior project before completion.

This Arcanum can mean the realization of projects, a woman between eighteen and thirty.

"In negative position all the trends are reversed, such as honesty becomes dishonesty, authority becomes despotism."

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