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Justice ( VIII )

A woman, or a man, hold a sword that is maintained by an axis whose support is outside the framework of the card.

Everything in this card shows rigidity. This feeling is enhanced by the full face position of the character.

The infinity of pathways used by justice is revealed to us by the number eight, the compass rose and by the eight directions of the universe.

Note the astrological sign of the sun on the crown. It tells us that justice, referred here, applies to everyone. The sun shines and warms everyone without distinction.

Regarding the balance, it invites us to equilibrate our relationship between intuition and reason, to harmonize these two aspects in action.

Know to be fair to others and to yourself .

See beyond appearances

True Justice does not come from human, it is beyond the scope of their reason.

Tarot Major Arcana JUSTICE


Meanings :

Justice, papers, rigidity, rigor

"Be careful Magician, this Law is inflexible, none can exceed it . Nobody can go against his destiny and believe above The Law."

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