Learning Tarot Major Arcana The Hermit


The Hermit ( VIIII )

His coat blue outside and red on the inside, inform us that this character is introverted but active in his thoughts. As the three wrinkles on his forehead indicate that he has absorbed the knowledge of the material worlds, sensitive and spiritual.

The Hermit holds the stick of Knowledge and a lamp which he conceals the light with half the skirt of his coat, so as not to dazzle passers, because the quest of Truth is a strictly personal process.

Caution ! Always be cautious...

Despite the sum of his knowledge, the Hermit remains humble. Life is a school where every day are made of lessons.

Tarot Major Arcana The Hermit


Meanings :

Symbol of Saturn, the planet with slow revolution, he teaches us to move forward cautiously. Slow but sure.

The character does not seem to progress, but step by step he is still learning more each day.

Slowness, delayed

"Sort the wheat from the chaff." This is the message of the Hermit.

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