Learning Tarot Minors Arcana - Aces


Minors Arcana Meanings


Ace of Swords

This card indicates the will, the strength. The energy is powerful, the hand has to hold the sword without excess to obtain the victory.

Ace of Swords

"Conflict, hostility, opened or hidden confrontation"


Ace of Wands

Idea of relationship with the social or family situation. Fulfillment of a professional action. lntroduction of an idea or other thing.

Ace of Wands

"Creation, an help will appear, luck to seize"


Ace of Coins

The card of the Triumph, the best card because she indicates fulfillment so material as spiritual.

Ace of Coins

"The fortune, the first earnings, the increase of the joy of living"


Ace of Cups

The beginning of a relation, an affection which brings of the enjoyment, a lot of tenderness.

Ace of Cups

"New love, happy news, gladness, happiness"

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