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Minors Arcana Meanings



Knight of Swords

This character have a favourite locution " The end justifies the means ". Seducing, he we warned of difficult fight which wait us. " Go ahead bravely to obtain victory. "

Knight of Swords

"Egoism, fight"


Knight of Wands

You have to be flexible and reflective to find the balance and the stability.

Knight of Wands

"Fast and unforeseen changes"


Knight of Coins

Little sensitive to the feelings and to the loving feelings, this Knight isn't the guy who loose one's head. He reaches his purposes thanks to his patience and to his big caution.

Knight of Coins

"Financial success, material projects become a reality"


Knight of Cups

Only interested by love, this individual is sentimental passionate one. Regrettably his acts are not still in agreement with his promises.

Knight of Cups

"Caution in love or in friendship"

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