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King of Swords

Authoritarian and intelligent, this monarch knows how to lead the fights in all the domains. Of a strong personality, he says what he thinks and knows what he wants. Sometimes he can show himself oppressive for his relationships. He is endowed for the work in the field of justice, business and of the policy.

King of Swords

"Competences. Authoritarianism or possible tyranny"


King of Wands

He is a hope for all which is ambigüe or of the domain of the disputes. Often the employer or the father, the person who can help in the form which are going to take the events.

King of Wands

"Intense activities. Contracts or associations on every level. Ambition"


King of Coins

Rather boring, this king likes the daily grind and his comfort. Very reasonable and without passion he knows how to manage his grant.

King of Coins

"End of the financial or material troubles"


King of Cups

Intellectual, this king likes the arts and the litterature. Gentle, patient but sometimes too weak, he is faithful in love as in friendship. The King of cups announces the reward coming from the events of which you will have gone out victorious.

King of Cups

"Comfort, love, tenderness, reward, spirituality"

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