Learning Tarot Minors Arcana


Minors Arcana Meanings



Page of Swords

This card announces a treason of one or several close persons, in particular with the children.

Page of Swords

"Legal problems, family conflicts, ingratitude"


Page of Wands

Faithful, friendly and reliable character who always carry through what he is doing.

Page of Wands

"Messenger, pleasant surprise"

Page of Coins

Serious and hard-working this page makes a success of all that he undertakes. However he is rather not reliable on the feelings.

Page of Coins

"Seriousness, professional success, action benefiting you"


Page of Cups

Stability and emotional safety. The Page of cups can be a betrothed, a lover or, if it is a man who consults, a friend worried about his love life.

Page of Cups

"Stability and emotional safety, harmful musing"

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