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Queen of Swords

She know what she wants and does not bear what opposes to her. In that case she becomes quarrelsome and irascible.

Queen of Swords

"Egoism, feeling of superiority, jealousy, contempt, conflict"


Queen of Wands

She possesses all the qualities of the mother, of the wife or the friend but lacks of taste for all which is intellectual or purely aesthetic.

Queen of Wands

"Pragmatism, organization, success in the material domains"


Queen of Coins

She seems to be "a Bon viveur", however this queen is an altruist while remaining reasonable in spite of her frivolous appearances.

Queen of Coins

"End of the troubles, the constraints are going to slowly fade out."


Queen of Cups

Loyal wife and mother devoted, the outside world does not interest her much.

Queen of Cups

"Precious advice, clear-sightedness, passionate feelings"

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